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“An extreme character” is the impression of my friends and others on me. I am in love with beautiful women’s legs, which is also the common point between my two significant artwork series - the Octopus and the Cockroach.


As my understanding, octopus represents both femininity and masculinity. The softness and tenderness of the octopus’ body shows femininity while it has a masculine side when it uses tentacles to mark its territory. The form of Octopus touching itself or making various postures and actions with its soft, tender and supple limbs resembles my daily emotions, actions and moves, such as playing with my smart phone before bed, caressing and masturbating myself, lounging in blankets, or the contradictive behavior of sinking yet lingering in the water.


I came up with the idea of the cockroach series when I was upset about how people stereotyped me earlier. It can be taken as a rebellious expression deep down my mind. People stereotype, they suppose children of single-parent family always cause problems, homosexuals have infectious diseases, cockroaches and rats are filthy! We always consider “something” dirty and ugly with our preconceptions, but it has never crossed our minds that 'human beings' are also an ugly and brutal creation in the eyes of the Cockroach Queen.

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